Home Cooking with Carol Tannehill

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Carol Tannehill is fascinated with food - its history and lore, its preparation, its joyous consumption. She reads about it. She writes about it. She cooks it. She savors it.

Carol, a native and resident of Fort Wayne, Ind., was raised on simple Midwestern fare: Mostly meat, potatoes and homemade pies, with a few over-cooked veggies thrown in for good measure.

"In Indiana, folks serve noodles on top of mashed potatoes," she observes. "And where else can you find bread baskets on the tables at Chinese restaurants? Hoosiers love food."

Family travels throughout the U.S. expanded her palate - and deepened her appreciation for American regional cuisine.

After graduating from college, Carol joined the News-Sentinel, a daily paper in Fort Wayne, where she was restaurant reviewer, food columnist and feature writer for 17 years. Her current position as editor of Home Cooking magazine and author of this e-newsletter is a dream job because it combines her passions for food and publishing. She even gets to roll up her sleeves and help in the test kitchen.

Carol spends her free time frolicking with her two rescued Jack Russell terriers, rehabbing a 1940s lake cottage and performing at fairs and festivals with a 20-member clogging troupe.

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